Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Conventions

Hey everyone, I've got a couple of convention appearances this summer to let you know about.

First, I'll be attending all three days at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC next weekend (June 19, 20, and 21). I've also agreed to do two stints at the Hero Initiative Booth. The first will be on Friday, June 19th from 11:30 - 12:30. This means that I won't be at my regular table until about 1:00 on Friday. I know people like to line up early for sketches, so I just want to make you all aware that I won't be sketching at my table when the show opens - but rather at the Hero Initiative booth. A similar schedule will happen on Saturday. From 10:30 - 12:00 at Hero Initiative, and then on to my regular table. Hopefully we can avoid the mix ups that happened with the sketch lines last year (for which I apologize, but it was out of my control).

I'll also be at San Diego Comicon July 23-26. I don't have a specific schedule for that one yet, but I will be doing a panel at some point during the weekend.

If you're planning to attend either of these shows, come by and say hello!


Unknown said...

Great to see the update here, Steve. I look forward very much to seeing you again in Charlotte. I imagine you'll have to deal with some extremely long lines again.

I'm also looking forward to the panel that you and Ed Brubaker are doing at the show.

jokesterjmac said...

I chose WWPhilly over this. Now I feel dumb because DC and Marvel aren't even going to Philly.

I'm depressed.

On the upside I got your cover to Cap 600 today. and yes, it's amazing as you know.

HoldyourfireAl said...

Steve - I bought Cap 600 today & my only disappointment was that you weren't doing the interiors. Your cover was incredible.



PS: I'll be at WW Philly also :(

Davidlevack said...

Just found your blog. Been following your stuff for a long time, and love to see the evolution, but quality remains paramount.

I just hope Marvel doesn't throw you under that "Young Guns" bus. Guys who've been working hard and paying their dues for years and doing quality stuff for years. Seems a bit disrespectful to me.

Glad you've been able to partner up with a talented writer that does your art justice as well.

Rich said...

Looking forward to meeting you at Heroes. Missed you by a day last year, so it'll be nice to finally say hello and thanks for all the great work.

HoldyourfireAl said...

Will you be doing any of the covers for Reborn?

Steve Epting said...

Raphael - I suspect you're right about the lines. I'll look forward to seeing you again.

Jokester and Al - Sorry you guys won't be in Charlotte. Maybe next year. Have fun in Philly!

David Levack - Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it.

Rich - Sorry we missed each other last year. Look forward to seeing you.

Al - Nope, don't think so.

jokesterjmac said...

I will def. catch wherever your going next year!

JohnPopa said...

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend, Steve. Hopefully it's a little more relaxed for you this year!

chris said...

Steve it was nice to meet you and chat today and cant wait to see my sketch on Saturday! Thank you for everything