Commissions and Sketches


I currently have a full list of pending commissions and am not accepting any more at this time.


I will be sketching at almost every show I attend. The way it generally works is this: I take a list at the beginning of each day, usually around 8 sketches or so, and try to get as many done as possible. The list is first come, first served, and it usually fills up within the first 30 minutes of my arrival at my table, so getting there early is the best bet. The next day I start another list the same way. The first 8 or so requests make it on the list. The last day of the show I may or may not take another list, depending on whether I have too many to finish from the previous days. I should point out that getting on the list does not guarantee that you will get a sketch, but I will do my best. I would love to be able to do a sketch for everyone that wants one, but there is a limited amount of time to sketch at shows and even though I know I can't please everyone, this is the way it's working for now.

Prices are as follows:

Head shot (and usually some shoulder/ chest) 9"x12":            $100

Head and Torso shot 9"x12":                                           $250

Full Figure (background at my discretion) 11"x17":     $450

All sketches are inked with pen and markers and include gray tones. I do not do pencil only sketches.


I often get asked if I will take pre-orders for sketches to be completed before the conventions (and picked up at the show). it's not impossible, but I usually do not have the time to do them. If you want to request a pre-order sketch for a particular convention, you can email me through the contact link on the right. If I do have time to fit in any sketches in advance, I will do them in the order they were received (and will contact you to confirm before starting on it). If you do not hear from me it means I was not able to fit your sketch into my schedule. To be brutally honest - most of you will not hear from me :) I simply don't have time to do pre-orders except on very rare occasions. Sorry.

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