Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sketchblog: Year One

Today marks the first anniversary of the ol' sketchblog, and since August 21st is Hellboy day (at least on this blog) here's a quick sketch-

(click image to enlarge)

Well, I said it was quick. Just trying to keep the tradition alive.

Thanks to everybody who drops by here on a regular basis, and especially to those of you who take the time to leave your feedback. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

In other news, Captain America #41 came out this week featuring the penultimate chapter of the current story arc, or as Ed likes to call it: "The Death of Captain America Act 3 - The Man Who Bought America: Part 5".

Here's a little behind the scenes stuff - some graphics I made in Photoshop during the production of the art for this issue. The first is a sign for the Diner that appears on page 2-

(click images to enlarge)

- and the second is a series of little campaign posters I made for a single panel on page 20-

I have no idea who snuck in the Colbert poster that appears in the printed book.

See you in year two!


Rich said...
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Rich said...

Re: the posters, I did think it was odd that McCain posters were in the book but not Obama posters. That explains it though.

Thanks for the insight! Really enjoyed the issue, by the way. Looking forward to #42.

Steve Epting said...

Take a closer look Rich. The panel was printed exactly as it appears in this post - complete with Obama posters - except for ONE poster ( the Wright poster in the middle part of the left side of the panel) that was replaced with a Colbert poster.

Our colorist Frank D'Armata placed all of the posters in the panel and I think did a good job of balancing McCain and Obama, while showing the most support for Wright. I think maybe the word balloons and clapping sound effects may have hidden some of the Obama posters, but nothing was intended by this.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed the issue!


IADW said...

Hey Steve! Thanks for all the posts that you put up here! From the Cap stuff, to your sketches and thoughts - I appreciate you fitting the time in to share them all with us!

All the behind the scenes looks and tips just make me wish the net was up and running during your Avengers run!

Ty Buttars said...

Congrats on the 1 year anniversary Steve!

Steve Epting said...

Thanks guys!