Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Captain America #19 came out today, marking the end of Ed Brubaker's 8 year run on the book. I'm proud to have been the primary artist for the first half of that run and just as proud to come back for the issue that brings it all to a close. Frank D'Armata also returned to color it for us just like the good old days.

A few reviews have started turning up:

Here's one

Here's another one

Here's another

and yet another.


Mike D. said...

we enjoyed your work all the way through. Looking forward to more great tales and art from the both'a ya!

Mike D. said...

Or more rightly so... ALL a' ya!

Steve Epting said...

Thanks Mikeyboy!

Anand Kandaswamy said...

Congratulations on this great achievement! Cap was always my favorite Marvel character and you and Ed Brubaker made the title relevant and fun again. So thank you for the ride. Can you tell us what your next project will be?

Steve Epting said...

Anand - I'll be working with Jonathan Hickman on New Avengers. Issue #1 will be out in January!

Mike D. said...

Btw Steve... Tell guys rock...this was the best comic...story and art-wise i've read in a long while...thanks so much.