Friday, September 19, 2008

Captain America #45 Cover

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Marvel's December 2008 solicitations have been out for a few days, featuring Captain America #45. Here's how Marvel describes the issue-

Written by ED BRUBAKER
Penciled by LUKE ROSS
Villain Variant by TBA
It's Bucky versus Batroc and a mysterious foreign agent from his past as the Winter Soldier, as he fights to keep a secret super-weapon from falling into enemy hands! But the shocking ending of this three-parter brings a new twist to the mission... and sends our New Captain America in search of whatever is left of his old comrades, the Invaders.
From Ed Brubaker and Luke Ross - Part Three of Three
32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

This completes the trilogy of the thematically related covers, and next month we'll move on to something different.

Also, on sale this week - The Death Of Captain America: The Burden Of Dreams Vol. 2 trade paperback.


Unknown said...

I'm very interested in seeing how the incorporation of Batroc will work in the series. The last time I remember him encountering Captain America was briefly during the Heroes Reborn storyline where he fought Cap on behalf of the Skrulls machinations.

Anyways, this is yet another great great cover. I love the awesome cover consistency that's been there throughout the entire series. Steve, I'm glad that you've been doing all the covers this time. It gives the series a sense of cohesiveness.

Steve Epting said...

Thanks Raphael. I'm very happy to have done almost all of the covers, and I'm pleased that I've been able to do painted covers since issue #25. I'm hoping to experiment with different styles more, but I want the covers to be appropriate to the tone of the book, so I probably won't get too crazy.

Thanks for the comment.