Thursday, May 08, 2008

Convention Update

In case you may have missed the announcement today, I will be appearing (along with Captain America writer Ed Brubaker) at Heroes Con in Charlotte June 20-22. I currently plan to be there Friday and Saturday only, but if that changes I'll update it here. Shelton always puts on one of the best shows in the country and I'm looking forward to returning this year.

UPDATE: I've received several requests for advance commissions and unfortunately, my schedule simply won't allow it at this time. Also, several people have e-mailed me hoping to get on the sketch list before the show. I appreciate the time and effort it sometimes takes to get a convention sketch and wish I could accommodate everyone, but I want to try to be fair, so the sketch list will be on a first come-first served basis on the day of the show. I'll do my best to do as many sketches as possible, and look forward to seeing you all in Charlotte.

UPDATE 2: Sorry, I won't be doing sketches of naked superheroes either.

Also - On sale this week - The Death Of Captain America Vol 2 is out in Premiere Hardcover format reprinting CAPTAIN AMERICA #31-36.


Rich said...

Well, hot damn. That's great! :-)

JohnPopa said...

As I mentioned below, Steve, great that you'll be at the show again!

You know, the fact that you were always there was one of the reasons me and my buddy Shane went down there the first time all those years ago! (I think it was 2000 or so when we started going.)

Anonymous said...

Glad you'll be attending Heroes. Will you be sketching and if so do you normally have a pre-advance sketch list and price list? Thanks!

Shane said...

Steve, it will be great to see you again at Hero Con. I chatted with you breifly during your covert visit last year. Looking forward to catching up.

rachelle said...

I'm hoping to meet you in Charlotte. I'm a big fan. It's my first con, and I'll be far from home, so I'm excited!