Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Birthday Girl

(click image to enlarge)

Unbelievably, my daughter turns six years old today. The painting above was done when she was four, and I never got around to finshing it. I doubt I'll do any more work on it though, since I would rather do a new one if I can ever find the time.

Today also sees the release of Captain America #38, but there will be no cake involved-


Kyle Latino said...

What an adorable little girl... and your daughter is too.

Anonymous said...


that painting of your daughter is stunning! what software do you use for your digital painting?

-andy v.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,
My daughter just turned 6 on May 14th. Keep the great comics coming out, i have been a fan of yours since your avengers run awhile back. I hope to see you at a con one of these days. Are you going to WW Chicago this year?

Jason "Wild Dog Guy" Gavin

Jake Campbell said...

Steve, I just picked up #38 of Cap today. Every issue manages not to dissapoint me! You guys truly have a gift. I really love how you have put characters in the story from the good ol' days and made them (dare I say) cooler. Commie Smasher Cap is back, baby!

I do have a question I have been meaning to ask you, or rather, an idea. I posted it in an earlier blog, but it was after you already responded to all the other posts, so I think it just got over looked. I will just repaste it here. Let me know what you think.

I have a huge passion for comics and the Bible and I really want to see an entire illustrated Bible made, without any content cut out. I know they have some published, but they do not cover the entire Bible, nor do they seem to have a comic book feel. At times they even seem sterile and emotionless. I know it would be a huge project and I think it would need several different illustrators to complete it. Also, when many illustrators tackle a job they are less likely to just slap it together. Rather, they enjoy it and take their time. Also, I think it would need to be published by a high rate company, like Marvel. The reasoning is because it would recieve a wider audience and people would read it who haven't read the Bible. Plus, there are numerous details that many other publishers may find offensive. I thinking it could be a possibility. Let me know what you think, like if it's possible.

Thank you for all of your quality work!


Ty Buttars said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter, Steve. That is one stunning image with all the Disney princesses that little girls love. How often have you managed to sneak her into your books?

There should always be room for cake when a new book comes out. :-)

All the best!

Paul Neal said...

Oddly my little girl was 8, on May 14th too. Scary, feels like yesterday she arrived. Kids age you far too fast.

How long are you fixed to Cap. Big plans for issue 50 and beyond?

Fabio... said...

My daughter has 1 month :)

Steve Epting said...

Thanks Kyle

Andy V. - All digital work is done in Photoshop 7.

Wild Dog Guy - Sorry, no plans for Chicago this year.

Jake - Glad you're enjoying Cap. I think your idea to adapt the ENTIRE Bible is far too ambitious for a mainstream publisher like Marvel to ever undertake. In fact, I cannot imagine anyone translating the Bible to comics without editing it down substantially. It's simply too massive to adapt without cutting some content. If you look at any book that has ever been adapted to another medium, whether it be film, comics, theater, or television, ALL of them have to be condensed and altered in some way to conform to the format to which it's being adapted. As for the Big 2 doing Bible adaptaions, you may be familiar with the old DC Treasury Editon adaption of some of the Bible seen here - (scroll down near the bottom of the page). I've never seen a copy of this book, but I remember the ads for it in other comics back in the 70s. Also Marvel published The Easter Story back in the 90s, seen here - I do think you are correct that most adaptations have been sterile and emotionless. That could certainly be done better by whoever has the passion to do it.

Ty, I've snuck her in once before, but there hasn't been a lot of opportunities to draw young kids in the books I've worked on since she was born. Hope you guys are all doing well!

Paul - Of course, big plans for every issue and no end in sight. :)

Fabio - Congratulations!

Thanks for the comments everyone!

drewgeraci said...

Just make her an agent of SHIELD (maybe they have a Junior Achievement Dept.), and there's your excuse! :)

That's an awesome painting!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you will not be in Chicago? But with Heroes the week before, a lot of great talent is not making this show, I guess i will then save some money!!
I have been a big fan of yours since the Avengers run back in the 90's. Have absolutely love the entire run on Cap!! Thanks for all the work you do.

Jason "Wild Dog Guy" Gavin

Mr. Happy Pants said...


I absolutely LOVE the cover for Cap #38 (might be my favorite of the past year or two) and I really would love to be able to buy a large framed print of it. Would this be possible? It might just make my day/week/month/year to get one :) Please let me know. (Hopefully there is an e-mail tag of some sort for me on this comment, since publicly posting it isn't on my to-do list)


Steve Epting said...

Mr. Happy Pants - check the email link on the right (under the picture of Modesty Blaise) if you want to have a private conversation. :)