Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Iron Man 2

Another piece of Iron Man liscencing art from 2004 (again, I only supplied the pencils) that was painted by Scott Johnson -

(click images to enlarge)

The Iron Man figure and the cityscape background were done separately so that the background could possibly be used many times with different characters.


-harlock- said...


Tiziano said...

Fantastic stuff Steve.

Dylan said...

Very cool. Nice to see your pencils too Steve, they're so clean!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff as always Steve, I apologize if this has been posted somewhere already, but are you planning to attend Wizard World Chicago this year?

JohnPopa said...

That cityscape drawing is amazing -- I'm always amazed how you talented folk can pull off that kind of stuff.

Oh, ECSTATIC to see you added to Heroes Con's guest list!! See you there!!

Steve Epting said...

Thanks everyone.

Anonymous - sorry, no plans for Chicago this year.