Friday, January 16, 2009

Sketchbook 014

(click image to enlarge)


JohnPopa said...

Love the Steve McQueen/Stanley Kowalski sort of street tough the guys have in this one!

Mohi said...

Awesome, as always .

jokesterjmac said...

what medium are you using to sketch these Steve?

Lee Townsend said...

Great sketches Steve!

Steve Epting said...

Thanks everyone.

Jokesterjmac - It's all just pen and markers. I used a brush for the inkwashes.

jokesterjmac said...

I saw your progression and explanation of how you go through the drawing process and it amazes me how you work with markers.

Michael Dooney said...

Steve, I know you mentioned that you are just presenting the sketches in this brown paper format, but I was curious if you are drawing them in a sketchbook or on loose paper....the horizontal format looks like standard 8.5x11 size.
Also, forgot to mention to you last time, but if you want to see someone who paints in those brown paper pads, check out Nathan Fowkes blog Man, is he good!

Steve Epting said...

Thanks again Jokester.

Michael - I'm drawing these in a ProArt 4"x6" hardbound sketchbook (you can see it here). The size you see it when you click the thumbnail in my posts is almost exactly the actual size - just a fraction smaller. You can see me holding it here.

I think one of the reasons I mostly do head shots in this sketchbook is because it is so small. In some ways it's very frustrating to draw in. Because of it's size, you can't rest your hand on it comfortably. I'd like a little more room to do full figure drawings, but that would pretty much mean using a full sized sketchbook, defeating the whole purpose of having the small portable one. So I guess I'll just be happy filling this one up with heads.

And yes, Nathan Fowkes is amazing. I've actually been subscribed to his blog for quite a while. I should have remembered the stuff he's done on the toned paper!

Francesco Francavilla said...

Missed your sketchbook sketches, Steve. Gorgeous work. The guy on the left reminds me of the good ol' Peter Cushing :)