Thursday, January 15, 2009

NY Show = No Go

Despite some previous announcements, it turns out I will not be appearing at the New York Comic Con after all. It's really just a case of bad timing, which is a bummer because I was really looking forward to it. Apologies to all of you who were hoping for commissions and/or con sketches, but I hope to be there next year since it is one of my favorite shows. As for other Con appearances in 2009, I have tentative plans for both San Diego and Heroes Con in Charlotte. I'll post more about any future appearances when plans are finalized.

UPDATE: At the 2009 New York Comic Con, my original art agent Spencer R. Beck of The Artist's Choice will be set up at BOOTHS G - 3 to G - 9 in the Artist's Alley. He will have available all of my artwork currently posted for sale on his website here.

Additionally, he will be premiering some Captain America artwork that has never before been offered for sale publicly - maybe even a cover or two - so stop on by.


REAU said...

NYC is seriously becoming one of my favorite cons as well. Too bad you can't make it this year.

JohnPopa said...

Always love to see you in Charlotte, Steve -- you're why we started taking the eight hour trek all those years ago!


John Popa

jokesterjmac said...

You need to come to Wizard World Chicago, Steve!!!

Steve Epting said...

You're right Jokester. I haven't been to Chicago since the Crossgen days.

Tiziano said...


jokesterjmac said...

Well we're missin you like no other dude.
we cant have out fav. Cap. artist gone for so long!