Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Two for Tuesday

(click image to enlarge)

First up, a quick one from this morning. I had timed myself so that I wouldn't spend more than 45 minutes on it, so there's not much detail. I kind of like the mood of it though.

The second sketch is a commission for Steven Gettis' awesome collection in which he has artists draw their favorite literary figure, author, or character. I'm not going to post my contribution here, because I want you to go to his site and browse through the amazing array of talent he has commissioned over the past decade. You can see it by clicking the link below-

Hey Oscar Wilde! It's clobberin' time!!!


Ty Buttars said...

Love the O'Donnell commission Steve. The background architecture is so detailed that it almost pops out. Is it Trafalgar Square?

Hope all is well.

Steve Epting said...

Thanks Ty. The background is (mostly) supposed to be Fleet Street. I thought I once read that O'Donnell's office was there, but I'm not sure about that.

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