Thursday, October 04, 2007

Full Circle

(click image to enlarge)

As a follow-up to my last entry, which featured the oldest surviving artwork from my childhood (both of which just happened to be drawings of Spider-Man), here's my most recent version of Spidey - a speedpaint from sometime late last year. Unfortunately, there's some pixelation of this image, but I couldn't find a higher resolution version.

By the way - yes, I changed the layout of the blog again. I'm still trying to find a template I like until I learn how to build my own.


raphael said...

it almost feels like i'm looking at an Alex Ross image

Marco Roblin said...

Yes! He's the spider! A great work Steve and your books enhanced the marvel universe!

Dylan said...

Cool blog Steve, I'm a big fan of your stuff. Found the link on your comment from Sean Phillip's page.

Lee said...

Amazing Blog Steve! great work, I have followed your work for a while now, I found it via Sean Phillps Blog.

Steve Epting said...

Thanks Raphael and Marco!

Dylan - Thanks for commenting. I just checked out your blog and was overwhelmed by all the fantastic art there. Amazing stuff!

Lee - Thanks. You have a great blog as well. The best thing about starting this blog has been discovering all of the other ones out there!

Rich said...

I think that's how it often goes Steve -- before I started my own blog I had no idea how many great ones were out there with a similar mission. I do music rather that comics, but sneak the latter in once in a while.

BTW, while I'm at, thanks for the blog and all your work. Consistently great art, and I'll be eager to see what you and Ed B. have coming up in Cap. Looks like big things ahead.