Thursday, September 03, 2009

Sketches - Marvels Project

These are just some quick rough sketches that were done while trying to work out some figures in the first couple of issues of The Marvels Project.


Christian Alpini said...

beautifull sketch!!
great work. I like it!

alan said...

One of my favourite type of posts. Fascinating and beautiful sketches. Love to see this kid of rough and ready figuring things out

HoldyourfireAl said...

I was PISSED today when I bought The Marvels Project #2. I was forced to buy the non-Steve Epting cover, because Steve's cover was the variant & was selling for $6.99! What the %$#?!?!? The cover by the interior artist is the variant???? BAD move Marvel!

HoldyourfireAl said...

Now I'm learning that my comic shop may be responsible for hiking up the price! I guess I owe Marvel an apology!

Steve Epting said...

Al, as far as I know, the McNiven cover and my cover were sent out in equal amounts and should both be cover price. The Gerald Parel cover (which is awesome) is apparently rarer. My store had ony one copy of the Parel available and it was priced at $10 (by the store, not Marvel). Both of the others were regular cover price.

Sorry you weren't able to get the one you want. Maybe you can work it out with the store owner.

HoldyourfireAl said...

Thanks Steve. The manager has offered to exchange it for me.


PS: I can't wait to receive your print & sketchbook!

Lee Townsend said...

Amazing work Steve really nice to see these!

David Pentecost said...

I picked up Marvel Project 1 and 2 and loved them. Interesting, intelligent story and great art as usual.
You and Brubaker make a great team! I am enjoying the Reborn Series with Brubaker / Hitch but really hope to see you again drawing Captain America.

On a completely different note: Taking the chance of sounding like a "prude", I appreciate the fact that you don't treat women as sex objects for adolescent boys in your art. You draw attractive women in "super hero" costumes but it's not indecent and I think that is a lost art. In my art (which is light years behind yours) I always strive for a decent balance in drawing the human figure in a way that I would not be embarrassed to show my mom. I just hate that so many comics that have great writing are visually obnoxious. I think it really stops a lot of new readers, especially females (my wife for example). I'm trying to get her to read Captain America. :)

Anyway, a lot of words to say thanks for creating great art in comics!


Steve Epting said...

Thanks David. I completely agree with you, and thanks for noticing. You make a good point about it being an obstacle for potential new readers (especially female ones).