Friday, September 18, 2009

RIP Bernie Fuchs 1932-2009

One of the all time greats.
There's a nice remembrance at one of my favorite blogs here.


Robert Hustwick said...

I really like the one on the bottom. What a great artist with a feel for everyday things.

sean said...

Fuchs' work remind me of Le Roy Neiman. What do you think Steve?

Sean Welch
(a Facebook "friend")

Steve Epting said...

Robert - I love that last one too. Such great, naturalistic poses on all the figures, and a unique composition that really makes it sing.

Sean - I can see a small bit of similarity in some of Fuch's work perhaps, but Fuchs was a giant in the illustration field, one of the most admired and imitated Illustrators of the 20th century. His influence was far reaching.

Michael Dooney said...

He was always a huge figure in illustration. His later drippy style was so copied that it's almost hard to remember that it was original at one time. The "today's inspiration" blog had a nice feature on his earlier more traditional illustration style which was fantastic as well.

Steve Epting said...

Michael - I love his earlier work too, though I agree that it's not what most people associate with his name. Today's Inspiration is featuring Fuchs all this week (as I'm sure you already know).