Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Captain America #39 Cover

Since it's been popping up here and there on the web after being leaked on Marvel's site, I suppose it's safe for me to go ahead and post this here.

The cover for Captain America #39 -

(click image to enlarge)


thedanofsteel said...

Wow thats fantastic Steve! You nail body language more than any other artist going - esp when it comes to Steve, Tony and Natasha. It's really inspiring stuff!

Adam Messinger the Millionth said...


raphael said...


I can't wait for that issue!

9jack9 said...

That's awesome Steve. Absolutely incredible. The covers keep getting better and better.

Rich said...

I'm not sure what's going on here, but I'm excited to read it.

markw said...

Really topnotch art. Initially thought it was Alex Ross. Really classic composition. The overall light effects and the reflections on the suit are beautiful.

Kyu Shim said...

Very accomplished and for lack of a better term, very Frazetta-esque.
Question. The example on the Marvel website shows the art on a typical Marvel Bristol Board, but your post doesn't. Were the colours painted freehand or digitally?
In any case, awesome stuff.

Leanne (E) said...

Hi Steve, I was looking for some genealogy things on my mom's family and saw your name and comic covers. All I can say is, "WOW and WOW, again!" You're work is really good. Even if it is distant, glad to be associated with the name! I may have to start reading comics again!

rory said...

Great use of light. It really sets a mood to this piece.

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, I was looking at some of the old Captain America covers the other day, and I saw #107 and immediately thought, man it would be cool if Steve did an homage' cover of this:
It's so fitting to the current storyline, and would adapt to your painting style so well.
Keep up the amazing work man, your creating a classic that will last forever.

Fabio... said...

Hi Steve!
I love your arts.
Your comics are spectacular, and with Frank (D'Armata) are an exceptional couple.

I'm an Italian comicscolorist and Frank for me is a model
(sorry for my english)

Steve Epting said...

Thanks very much everybody.

kyu shim - The colors were all painted digitally. I usually do the digital stuff on a cover board that I've scanned so it will be set up for the production department. I just cleaned up the borders for posting it here.

Leanne E - Thanks for commenting. It's always cool to run into another Epting. There aren't a whole lot of us!

Anonymous - Ed actually suggested doing an homage of that cover several months ago. I think it was for Issue 31 but I'm not positive. Maybe we'll do it some day.

Fabio - Thanks, I've passed your comments on to Frank. Very nice art on your blog!

Fabio... said...

Thanks to you!

David Harper said...

That cover is pretty much amazing. Great job, although I'm unsure as to how I feel about what is happening in it.