Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Captain America: Fallen Son Sketch Covers

(click images to enlarge)

Two Fallen Son sketch covers I did that eventually found their way to the magical land of eBay.These were both drawn with one of those PITT brush pens (and a little bit of prismacolor pencil). Surpisingly, the cardstock cover was actually a pretty decent drawing surface. I've got a few more of these laying around here somewhere that I'll post eventually.


francis tsai said...

nice sketches! do you mean that you drew these on the actual book after it had been printed, or are these reproductions of your sketches?

Steve Epting said...

Hi Francis - yes, they were drawn directly on the printed books. The books were published with blank cardstock covers so the fans could take them to conventions and get skethces done directly on the covers.

raphael said...

hey Steve

i was the guy that won one of the sketch covers that found their way onto ebay :)