Friday, September 14, 2007

Armored Warrior

(click image to enlarge)

Nothing original here - in content or composition. This is an old speedpaint that I reworked with some new brushes. Something occurred to me while working on this - if I had done this as a pencil drawing first, I would never have ended up with the armor as it appears here. By going straight in with color and using light to define planes spontaneously, you can get some unexpected results. The Frazetta influence is obviously quite strong here. I wasn't consciously emulating him, but Frazetta has cast a shadow so long and pervasive that virtually every fantasy painting seems to be informed in some way by his work. After I finished some color adjustments, I was certain that this was very derivative of a specific Conan painting, and sure enough, a quick search proved me right -

Like I said, nothing original here.


francis tsai said...

Very nice - photoshop brushes? I like the painterly effect.

Anonymous said...

Very eloquent comments about Frazetta, but you're being too tough on yourself.

Love the design of the armored warrior and it's interesting how you got different, quicker results from "sculpting it" in the paint stage!

It's cool seeing you do some fantasy work on this page!

Steve Epting said...

Francis - yes, they are photoshop brushes. I like the painterly effect too and am trying to incorporate more of it into my work.

Anonymous - I'm not really being hard on myself, just acknowledging the Frazetta's lasting impact. Thanks for the comments!