Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crossgen: Resurrected

Broken Frontier has recently released the latest copy of their e-magazine The Frontiersman featuring a cover story on Marvel's recent announcement about the return of Crossgen properties. The article includes a creator roundtable discussion with several former Crossgen creators including Chuck Dixon, Ron Marz, Jim Cheung, Greg Land, and myself among others. Also inside - two unpublished El Cazador covers that I drew for issues 7 and 8.

The Frontiersman #10 is now available for download at brokenfrontier.com or at the iTunes store for the iPad.


Anonymous said...

Steve: Thanks for posting this. I loved a lot of CG's material and hated to see it go away. I always hoped someone would bring the characters back and it looks like it's headed that direction.

I'm getting ready after I post this to go download The Frontiersman. I hope you might possibly be stepping back into Sigil Land so-to-speak to continue the great work you were doing there.

All the best.

Tim Kretzer
Proctorville, OH

Steve Epting said...

Hey Tim, glad you enjoyed the Crossgen stuff. It will be interesting to see what Marvel does with the characters. Thanks for the nice comments!

nkatradis said...

Steve, I just read The Frontiersman #10. wow. awesome. It would be great if they let you finish El Cazador. Hey, we can at least dream about it.
ps: I didnt know you had done two more covers that never saw print. Can you please post them here so we can drool?
Cant wait for ff 583! keep up the stunning work!

Steve Epting said...

Hey Nick - the two covers are included in the issue of Frontiersman. They are after the Crossgen article I think (they are also included in my sketchbook). I'll post them here along with the colored versions in a few weeks, after the ezine has been out a while.

nkatradis said...

Steve, hi, i did see them. and i printed them out. they are both astonishing! i just thought if you posted them here, some fans that dont bother to read the article in Frontiersman #10, would still get to see them.
ps: I always wondered why Disney did not give you Creator rights for "Pirates" - its obvious that they read your El Cazador, saw your stunning art, and said, "hey, lets do a Pirate movie! (i just can't prove it. lol)
Have a great Labor Day!
all your fans are impatiently waiting to pick up your FF 583 on september 22nd.

P.J. Magalhães said...

Absolutely still some of my favourite comics of all time. I loved the characters, loved the storylines and loved the art work. Pretty much the only time as well that i've had my g/f actively reading comics on a regular basis outside of european ones.

Here's hoping that Marvel doesn't destroy what you guys started completely. I would absolutely just keel over if you guys could just continue the stories you had but that is never going to happen.

Either way this sounds like good news. Very fond memories indeed.