Thursday, June 19, 2008

Heroes Con Update

Hey everybody, Heroes Con is this weekend, and there will be a slight change in plans regarding my appearance there. I was originally scheduled for Friday and Saturday only, but now I will be there only on Saturday. An unforeseen family obligation ( a good one) requires me to stay home Friday. I'll be there all day Saturday however, and will do as many sketches as possible during the day. Hope to see you there!


Rich said...

Oh no! I'm only going Friday (driving up from Athens), and was really hoping to meet you and Brubaker. Another time, I guess.

Thanks for keeping us informed here!

Steve Epting said...

Richard - I really am sorry. This is exactly what I hoped wouldn't happen. Make plans for next year though!

Rich said...

Sure thing - family comes first. It'll just give me another excuse to go in '09.