Thursday, November 15, 2007

Return of the Hunter

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I finally got a copy of the El Cazador trade paperback that came out a few weeks ago. It's nice to have a collection of the series, since Crossgen folded before the first trade could come out. I remember having lunch with Chuck Dixon one day right after he arrived at Crossgen to discuss the future of Crux (the book I was drawing at the time, and which Chuck would be taking over as writer), and Chuck said his plans were to "ride it out for another year and then you and I will do a pirate book". And though it was not in any way as easy as it sounds, that is exactly what happened. I think I may have enjoyed working on this book more than anything else I've done in comics, and I wish that this type of book could actually be a litte more viable in today's comic market.


Julia said...

Hi Steve, I just bought my copy of the "El Cazador" trade yesterday. It's good to have it collected in one place. I still love the art, although I didn't connect that with your "Captain America" work until recently. Personally I'd think it would more viable these days with the success of "Pirates of the Caribbean". Anyway, glad "El Cazador" sails again.

Drew Geraci said...

Got the El Caz trade, and it's so friggin' awesome. I remember how much you labored over the first issue relentlessly, but it paid off, as that book could've reversed CG's fortunes, had it been published a year earlier.

Oh, well, water under the bridge, or barnicles as it may be. Great seeing this story collected.

Steve Epting said...

Thanks Julia. The series actually did run during the time of the first PotC movie, and to be fair, it sold very well for what it was. I think the fact that Disney is releasing the trade (through Hyperion) is evidence that someone thinks there is a market for it. Still, it's strange no major publishers have put out a pirate comic - guess they're too busy running the Zombie craze into the ground.

Drew, I think you're right. If CG had started off the first year with the line of books they were publishing at the end, it might have survived (for a while longer at least).

Thanks for the comments.

Dusty said...

I ordered this yesterday and I can't wait to read it. I also finally ordered my Cap Omnibus.

Dusty said...

By the way, Steve, I never thought I'd say something like this, but I like your El Cazador art even better than your Cap art.

It was the finest comic art I've ever seen. I thought the story was okay, but maybe it underwhelmed me because the art was just too damn good to live up to.

Silvio Spotti said...

El Cazador is a great book.
I don´t know how we can have 3 Pirates of Caribean movies and no Comic books about Pirats.